Saturday, August 8, 2009


Yes.You have arrived to a right place to start

your earning.

If you have

1. Computer

2. Internet Connection

(Broad band home plan Rs.250/- per month is sufficient)

3. Bank Account

(to deposit cheque issued by Google)

4. Interest to work part time/full time.

5. Credit Card -Master or Visa (optional to pay activation

charges to Google)

You can start

online program and earn $200 to $2000 per month.

Many people do not know how to start and proceed Ad Program. 95% of them fail due to improper guidance and wrong directives. Initially, we were also facing the same problem to start and run the program for earning. Now our clients are earning Rs.15,000/- per month onwards spending little time in Internet. Minimum investment required. your brain and our tips are the basic investment.

The more you spend time , more income is guaranteed.You may be the one of our client. The only way for success in this program is proper guidance and training. We give complete training online. As soon as we receive your details, We will send you complete details within 3 days.

You will be sent stepwise Lesson for the base work. you have to do as per the steps.It will be easy to work on your own.

You can START and EARN in dollars.


The online training program covers:

1.How to start Ad Program?

2.Important tips for maintaining your online Account.

3.How to enhance your earnings?

4.Ways to attract more viewers.

5.How payments are issued from Ad Companies?

6.Complete details with examples.

7.Clarifications, whenever you struck in doing business.

An important thing to note is, the Sincere effort and good interest will make you earn more and more as our clients are earning.

Any clarifications:

Cell:(0) 9600321311


If you trust on us, you may send your full details for Registration and Training Materials.

Mode of Payment for Training Fee:

Credit Rs.2000/- to SB A/C 598010100028510 of Thirumagal in any nearest branch of AXIS BANK and send Email with following details.

1. Name with initials

2. Date of Birth

3. Clear Postal address with PIN CODE

4. Tel / Cell No.

5. Date of Deposit of Registration Fee.

You will be sent complete course material to start the program the next day.


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